BBC Journalist Reveals Alleged Brexit Master Plan

The Conservative politician Boris Johnson, who is the favorite to succeed Theresa May, may work on a plan about how to deliver the Brexit together with several Key EU players. This plan would be released during this summer and would need to be supported by the British parliament before implementing it.

Laura Kuenssberg, a BBC journalist, revealed that a EU diplomat outlined a new plan that would add a couple of pages more to the current one, and that presumably would be taken into consideration by some European Union Key players, like the German Chancellor Angela Merkel or the French president Emmanuel Macron.

“it is possible, although unlikely, that over the summer the key players Macron, Merkel, Varadkar, Johnson, and Juncker – who is desperate to make a deal as his legacy because he’s off too – can come up with what they describe as a couple of pages that message, alter a bit – and I’m sure we’ll talk a lot about whether extending the transition and Johnson’s plan may be part of it and all the rest,” she said.

However, she made clear that she is not sure if such an event is going to happen.

“So I’m not saying this is going to happen but this is what it’s being discussed,” she added.

Boris Johnson is known for promising to deliver the Brexit on October 31, as it was intended by Theresa May’s government and the European Union. With this move, Johnson was going against the consensus in his own party, which clearly favors Brexit, though not a disordered one.

The polemical candidate is currently trying to shut down the parliament, though some have warned him that such a move, which would force a no-deal Brexit, would tear down the government and even some may take legal actions against him.

“If that were to happen I think there would be a queue of people who would seek judicial review, ” warned the ex-prime minister John Major.

The results of the conservative party leadership election is expected to be revealed by July 22.

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