Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis

Bitcoin and Ethereum: Prices, News and Technical Analysis

  • The latest mini-rally has erased some of the recent losses, but the trend remains.
  • 2018 is dominated by a series of lower highs.

Cryptocurrency Market Needs Inflating if Bounces are to Turn to Real Rallies

As the latest dead cat bounce fades, the technical outlook for a range of cryptocurrencies remains negative. Heavy sell-offs have been met with limited buying, leaving charts riddled with lower highs, a strong negative signal. Overall the market ball needs inflating. Positive news flow of late has a very short shelf-life while negative news lingers and weighs on any upside moves. And as positive sentiment continues to leak out of the market, rebounds have become weaker, leaving holders nursing larger losses.

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A look at market leader Bitcoin (BTC) – 56.1% market dominance – shows the downtrend from the start of the year firmly in place and needing to break back above the September 5 high at $7,387 to start to turn things round. And if Bitcoin does rally, then other cryptos will follow although their performance will differ across the spectrum. One slight positive on the chart is that ‘lows’ are edging higher over the last three months.

Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Price Chart (January – September 14, 2018)

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis - Flat Balls Won't Bounce

Ethereum (ETH) Back Above $200 For Now

The recent ICO-inspired crash took Ethereum back to levels last seen in July 2017 before a mini-rally took the ETH back above $200. As with Bitcoin, the chart shows a clear downtrend, again dominated by lower highs. In contrast to Bitcoin, Ethereum has not been making any ‘higher lows’ of late, leaving the technical outlook negative. A break back above the July 18 high at $515 would turn the technical picture around.

Ethereum (ETH) Daily Price Chart (October 2017 – September 14, 2018)

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis - Flat Balls Won't Bounce

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Cryptocurrency Sentiment and Positioning

The IG Client Sentiment Report continues to show retail are heavily long of cryptocurrencies, an overall bearish contrarian trading indicator. Note that daily and weekly moves should be monitored for shorter-term trading signals and bias changes.

Bitcoin (BTC) 79.1% long. Ethereum (ETH) 92.1% long. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 89.5% long.

Ripple (XRP) 95.9% long. Litecoin (LTC) 91.6% long.

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— Written by Nick Cawley, Analyst.

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