Corbyn: A General Election Would Stop the Brexit Crisis

brexitThe British MP and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that a snap general election would stop the Brexit Crisis.

“A general election triggered by the Tory Brexit crisis will be a crossroads for our country. It will be a once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction, potentially on the scale of 1945 or 1979,” said Corbyn according to a speech that was leaked by the BBC.

Corbyn added that given that a general election is to be held in the fall, Labour would call for another referendum that would ask voters if they prefer leaving or remaining in the European Union.

Corbyn’s speech appeared right after a government report claiming that there would be a food and medicine shortage in the UK during a no-deal Brexit scenario.

“This is a cynical attempt to seize power by a man who would wreck the economy, is soft on crime and won’t stand up for Britain,” said the Tory MP James Cleverly, “Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives can provide the leadership Britain needs and deliver Brexit by 31 October, whatever happens,” he added.

Corbyn’s goal is to become the temporary prime minister and to call a Snap Election so as to delay the Brexit. For this to happen, the Labour party and its allies should push a no-confidence vote that would remove Boris Johnson from his post and provide a 14-day period in which the new temporary government could be formed.

It’s still not clear if such a scenario is feasible since many oppose Corbyn within his own camp.

British Government Documents Warn Against a No-Deal Brexit

The British paper “The Sunday Times” recently leaked several official documents that warn against a no-deal scenario. The document mentions food and medicine shortages, a hard Irish Border and a three-month “meltdown.”

British minister Michael Gove dismissed the documents saying that they were just contemplating the worst scenario and that “they have taken steps” to avoid such a situation.

“But the document that has appeared in the Sunday Times was an attempt, in the past, to work out what the very, very worst situation would be so that we could take steps to mitigate that,” said Gove, “And we have taken steps,” he added.

Johnson promised his voters to respect the referendum’s result and leaving the European Union with or without a deal. Even though he intends to renegotiate a deal with Brussels, he is not willing to do so at the moment, since the EU leadership refuses to abandon the Irish Backstop clause.

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