Value of CAD puts hits 7-week high

  • The USD/CAD one-month 25 delta (CAD1MRR) risk reversals hit 7-week highs on CAD put demand.
  • The uptick in the risk reversals adds credence to the bullish technical breakout in the USD/CAD.

The USD/CAD risk reversals gauge rose to 0.25 yesterday – the highest level since July 20, having bottomed out 0.08 on Aug. 28.

The uptick represents a steady rise in demand or implied volatility premium for the CAD put options (bearish bets). It also indicates the investors are likely expecting a deeper drop in the CAD.

After all, the bullish falling channel breakout witnessed on Sep. 4 signaled a revival of the rally from the April 17 low of 1.2527.


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