Weekend Read: 9 Investment Trends You Won’t Want To Miss This Year

Investing trends

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re making wise investment decisions is to keep up with the trends. The best up and coming investment trends for 2019 are already gaining steam. Investment experts predict that a wide range of investment topics will be game-changers next year. These topics range from gene editing to marijuana to space exploration. A lot of these investment opportunities involve new technologies.

Stock market picks abound, and everyone is putting their two cents in. When you read these new investment tips, think about what you’re interested in and what you want to stick with and watch grow. These industries are relatively new, and there are big-name investors backing them. While some of these trends are more volatile than others, all promise a chance at a big payoff come 2019.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence



Artificial intelligence makes a lot of people nervous. Maybe it’s all the apocalyptic movies about a war between humans and robots. Or maybe it’s the fact that Elon Musk won’t stop claiming that humans are already cyborgs. Either way, AI isn’t anything to be scared of. Summer 2018 saw an increase in AI investments as people saw the benefits of the emerging technology.

Furthermore, AI investments for businesses increased as well. Businesses have found that AI improves their functioning in pretty much every area. AI streamlines customer service, automation, manufacturing, and more. Artificial intelligence is marked as a rapidly-growing industry. Its current hype is similar to that of the ‘80s, where the first AI boom took off.

Marijuana Mania Has Only Just Begun



Whether you smoke or not, marijuana is definitely a growing industry (no pun intended). There are many different facets of the pot industry. There are growers and dispensaries, obviously. But, there are also weed marketing and packaging companies, cannabis streaming businesses, and marijuana-centered gardening companies. You can also invest in real estate used for cannabis farming.

If recreational marijuana seems too premature for you, the medical variation is taking off as well. Cannabinoid medical companies use medical marijuana in their drugs. As alternative medicine grows in influence, this could prove a wise investment. A niche industry to invest in are THC breathalyzers. These breathalyzers work the same way alcohol breathalyzers do, just for marijuana. If marijuana becomes legal nationwide, law enforcement will need more of this equipment.

Is Digital Currency the Future of Money?

Digital currencies

Digital Currencies

Bitcoin’s been around for a while. Most people have a sense of what is all about. It’s a digital currency that is insanely volatile and has the potential to be very lucrative. Bitcoin currently has a large share of the market. If you want to invest, look at Bitcoin. But, don’t limit yourself. Other cryptocurrencies include , Binance Coin, and DASH. Note that none of these is a sure bet.

Crypto is super volatile, which means it goes up and down. It is not for the faint of heart. The alt-coins (non-Bitcoins) are equally uncertain. To invest, you’ll need to hedge your bets that any alt-coin or Bitcoin you invest in won’t tank. But, in all honesty, that’s how it is with all investments.

Will Gene Editing Transform Our World?

Gene editing

Gene Editing

Gene editing involves tons of complex processes and science know-how. Luckily, such stringent requirements aren’t necessary to invest. When you think of gene editing, you might have a “Build-A-Baby” picture in your head. But, in reality, gene editing can possibly be used to cure disease. More than ten thousand diseases, according to the World Health Organization, originate in just a single gene. Gene editing could one day manage to build new organs and save a lot of lives.

Drug companies such as CRISPR, Editas Medicine, Intellia, and Sangamo are spearheading this new technology. Each company is currently working on a different project. These projects target specific disease-causing genes. Investing in this market will likely be lucrative, as science races to the curative finish line.

Will Commercial Drones Take Over Business?

Commercial drones

Commercial Drones

Major tech companies are investing in commercial drones. While there has been a lot of buzz about Amazon (NASDAQ:) (NASDAQ:AMZN) using commercial drones, other industries use them as well. The oil and gas, construction, agriculture, and asset management industries all benefit from drones.

Drones help reduce risk to workers, as they can assess and gather information on possible risky sites. Drones have more accuracy and a higher vantage point. They are increasingly serving as risk-management tools. While drones are catching on for package delivery, big things are in the works too. This is an industry you definitely do not want to miss.

3D-Printed Homes are Giving us a Glimpse into the Future

3D homes

3D Homes

Yes, you read that right. You’ve probably heard about 3D-printing. 3D-printing creates a product from a 3D model. The creation usually involves layering materials on top of one another until the model is made real. This isn’t just for tiny objects anymore.

3D-printed homes exist now, and they’re not overly expensive. The first one was just constructed in Texas. Its construction cost less than $4,000. The cost to build a real house? Hundreds of thousands of dollars, as any homeowner knows. This cheaper, high-tech alternative is gaining steam in the housing industry.

The Internet of Things Takeover

Internet of thngs

Internet of Things

This odd phrase is used to describe something you likely have in your house right now. The Internet of Things is basically normal appliances and objects that are imbued with the internet and connect with one another. Your car and fridge are two common examples. Your fridge might have internet access. Your car might have the same type of system.

Home appliances, devices, cars, and more all connect with the Internet of Things. They share data without you needing to do anything. The data sharing is automatic. Investments into companies pioneering this technology are a good idea. It’s also a good plan to invest in companies dealing with inventing security to keep up with IoT. IoT will need a ton of security software to be successful, as you don’t want someone using your fridge to shut down your car and bank account.

The Space Race Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The space race

The Space Race

Investing in space exploration companies doesn’t mean that you’re investing in alien hunting. Companies like SpaceX are a legitimate example of privatizing space exploration. (Although, SpaceX hasn’t been doing so hot lately, as embattled CEO Elon Musk has been making bizarre comments and a rocket exploded not too long ago). But, forays into space are becoming more and more common.

People want to explore more, and that has become possible through private companies. NASA isn’t the only participant in the space race anymore. Private companies from across the globe have become more and more involved in exploring outer space. Investing in these companies is a way to join the space race and get in on the expansion.

The Future is Green Energy

Green energy

Green Energy

There has been a lot of debate about the climate lately, with many saying that we’re heading in a bad direction if we keep depending on fossil fuels. Green energy comes in many forms: there are solar panels, electric cars, energy savings processes, and more.

Green energy is a good area in which to invest because not only is it going to be lucrative, you are also taking part in helping the environment. Even though electric cars are the newest form of green energy out there; there are many other types of investment opportunities to be found. These types of ventures have attracted investors from around the world who want to take part in this new trend.

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